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What would ‘reasonable’ home prices in Toronto and Vancouver look like?
There was once a time when home prices in two of the county’s hottest housing markets, Toronto and Vancouver, were considered reasonable. No, really.
Josh Sherman May 27, 2016
Vancouver’s housing market could be pricier than San Francisco’s in 2 years. How about Toronto’s?
Vancouver isn’t the only Canadian market with a shot at surpassing San Francisco.
Josh Sherman May 20, 2016
Canadian home sales to fall next year after potentially record-setting 2016
To a backdrop of increasing interest rates and more expensive listings in some hot markets, Canadian home sales will drop in 2017, forecasts Canada’s national housing agency.
Josh Sherman May 18, 2016
A ‘puzzling pullback in listings,’ and other unexpected highlights from CREA’s latest housing data
Buyers in Canada are snatching up homes at an unheard of rate. But beyond that, other real estate stories are unfolding — here are a few highlights.
Josh Sherman May 17, 2016
Canadian home sales break April record, but one challenge stops some owners from selling
Another month, another Canadian home sales record broken as transactions in April hit their highest level ever for the month.
Josh Sherman May 16, 2016
Two Canadian cities made this list of the world’s hottest luxury real estate markets
Christie’s International Real Estate, which has 1,200 realty offices across 45 countries, according to its website, ranked markets based on annual increases in luxury property sales in 2015.
Josh Sherman May 12, 2016
An average Canadian home is now this much more expensive than a home in the US
Just because the Loonie is worth a lowly 77 cents US, that doesn’t mean Americans won’t feel the heat of Canada’s housing market.
Josh Sherman May 11, 2016
Foreign investment in Canadian, US real estate poised to rise in 2016: survey
Foreign investment in property is set to rise this year in Canada and the US, if recent forecasts from REIT executives in both countries pan out.
Josh Sherman May 3, 2016
Strong Canadian housing market performance leads Canada’s biggest bank to update forecast
Canada’s fourth largest bank is updating its forecast for the country’s housing market through 2017 as a result of a strong first quarter of sales and price gains.
Josh Sherman April 29, 2016
Canadian housing market won’t wait for cautious Millennials, warns new BMO report
If housing prices continue to rise, the amount of money required for a down payment will only increase.
Charlotte McLeod April 28, 2016
These 3 Canadian housing markets are now showing stronger signs of being overvalued, says CMHC
Add another city in Ontario to the list of local Canadian real estate markets that the country’s housing agency says appears to be overvalued.
Josh Sherman April 28, 2016
This graph shows how much longer first-timers will be saving for downpayments on Toronto and Vancouver homes
“That’s significant,” says Arsenault of the Canada-leading increases in Toronto and Vancouver.
Josh Sherman April 22, 2016
Anxious homebuyers in Toronto and Vancouver are rushing to close deals: survey
Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is motivating homebuyers in Canada’s hottest markets, a new survey suggests.
Josh Sherman April 20, 2016
Chinese buyers showed more interest in Toronto real estate last year than every BC market combined
Overseas real estate listing service Juwai added up the value of Canadian properties potential buyers from China made enquiries about in 2015, and Toronto was way ahead of the pack.
Josh Sherman April 18, 2016
Canadian home sales in March 2016 set new record while Toronto, Vancouver activity dips
Home sales registered through Canadian MLS systems increased in March by 1.5 per cent from February, with 60 per cent of local markets recording gains.
Josh Sherman April 15, 2016
These are the reasons the Calgary and Edmonton real estate markets aren’t nosediving
Alberta has seen better days for real estate. But, as senior BMO economist Sal Guatieri emphasizes, it has also seen much worse.
Josh Sherman April 13, 2016
The ‘oil recession’ might push Toronto and Vancouver home prices even higher — here’s how
Royal LePage expects to see more price appreciation in Toronto and Vancouver residential real estate, especially as Canada’s labour market shifts from the Prairies.
Josh Sherman April 7, 2016
5 key things to watch for that could stop Toronto and Vancouver’s housing hot streaks from ending ‘badly’
BMO Senior Economist Robert Kavcic lists what he thinks could put the brakes on runaway prices in the two cities.
Josh Sherman April 6, 2016
Toronto home sales reach record heights in 2016’s first quarter: TREB
The first quarter of the year generally isn’t the hottest for GTA real estate, but as far as they go, 2016’s was the busiest on record, according to TREB.
Josh Sherman April 5, 2016
3 ways policymakers could act to cool BC and Ontario’s blistering housing markets
So what more could be done to cool these hot housing markets?
Josh Sherman April 4, 2016
Two factors have caused Canadian household debt levels to fly high: economist
What happens when Canada’s central bank cuts its overnight lending rate and the country’s hottest housing markets continue to see eye-popping price gains?
Josh Sherman April 1, 2016
Here’s how far $1 million gets you in housing markets across Canada
A warning: if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, some of these listings may have you itching to pack up and move.
Josh Sherman March 31, 2016
This simple chart explains the one factor supporting soaring Toronto and Vancouver home prices
Forecast-defying performances of real estate in Canada’s hottest markets leave some flagging record household debt, but not National Bank's chief economist.
Josh Sherman March 30, 2016