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Canadian condo market poised for a soft landing, Conference Board report says
The outlook varies from region to region, but none of the eight markets examined are expected to see a drop in resale prices.
Josh Sherman September 2, 2015
Canadian home price growth to slow in 2016, TD forecasts
Low interest rates should help propel the Canadian housing market to a record-breaking 2015, but next year will be another story altogether, a new TD Economics report forecasts.
Josh Sherman September 1, 2015
Canadian housing became less affordable in Q2, says RBC
The bank expects “more of the same in the period ahead” for Toronto and Vancouver.
Josh Sherman August 31, 2015
These 3 factors may have the biggest impact on Canada’s housing market for the rest of 2015
Economists from four major Canadian banks weighed in on what they think is in store for the Canadian
Josh Sherman August 27, 2015
Rule changes are guarding against risks facing Canadian housing market: Bank of Canada
The policies helping to safeguard against these housing market risks include mortgage rules that were implemented in 2012, according to the central bank.
Josh Sherman August 26, 2015
Condo-quality rental apartments on the rise in Canada, says Colliers
“It ends up being cheaper to rent,” says Colliers managing director Oliver Tighe.
Josh Sherman August 25, 2015
Low chance of a crash for Canada’s housing market, RBC forecasts
RBC is anticipating overnight rate hikes that will push sales down.
Josh Sherman August 19, 2015
A tale of two cities: Canada’s big banks respond to CREA’s new housing report
Does Vancouver's housing market really deserve its low-risk rating from CMHC?
Josh Sherman August 17, 2015
Canadian home sales record second strongest July since 2009
When compared to July 2014 activity, BC's Lower Mainland and the GTA saw the largest year-over-year sales increases.
Sean MacKay August 14, 2015
Canadian housing market faces “modest” risk of correction, in Toronto risk is high, says CMHC
For Toronto, the national housing agency says the rise in house prices have not been matched by income growth.
Michael Aynsley August 13, 2015
Canadian house prices up 1.2 per cent in July, says Teranet
Six of the 11 metro areas surveyed saw home values increase month-over-month.
Michael Aynsley August 12, 2015
Canadian housing starts fall short of expectations in July as condo construction falls
The seasonally adjusted annual rate of home construction was 193,032 units in July, less than the forecast 195,000 pace for the month.
Michael Aynsley August 11, 2015
Value of Canadian building permits jumps nearly 15 per cent in June, says Stats Canada
The gains can largely be attributed to apartment and condo construction.
Michael Aynsley August 10, 2015
Canadian homes are overvalued by 20 per cent and a correction is coming, says Fitch Ratings
The global credit ratings agency expects a soft landing, not a significant downturn or crash.
Michael Aynsley July 21, 2015
GTA home prices increased more than any other Canadian region in last five years
The region saw the home price index rise by 38.38 per cent.
Monika Warzecha July 16, 2015
Royal LePage: Home prices in Toronto and Vancouver soar in second quarter
Two-storey house prices rose by 13.6 per cent in Vancouver and 11.6 per cent in Toronto.
Monika Warzecha July 14, 2015
Million-dollar home sales soar in Toronto and Vancouver, fall in Calgary
The number of Toronto homes that sold for at least $4 million increased 72 per cent year-over-year in the first half of 2015.
Michael Aynsley July 10, 2015
Canadian housing starts climb higher than expected in June, hit 11-month high
Urban starts were largely responsible for the increase.
Michael Aynsley July 9, 2015
Find out if you can afford a home in these major Canadian markets
Type in your household income to see if you can afford a condo, bungalow or detached house.
Monika Warzecha June 24, 2015
Housing affordability improves across Canada in first quarter, except in Vancouver and Toronto
The bank warns the detached housing market in Toronto is reaching risky levels.
Monika Warzecha June 22, 2015
Here’s how the big banks reacted to the latest figures on Canada’s housing market
While the overall numbers were positive, "potential headwinds are on the horizon," says one financial institution.
Michael Aynsley June 16, 2015
CREA: Canadian home sales activity in May hits highest level in over five years
Excluding Toronto and Vancouver, the increase drops to 2.4 per cent.
Monika Warzecha June 15, 2015
Canadian house price index reaches new high in May despite major decline in Calgary
Calgary pulled the country's average down by 0.3 percentage points.
Monika Warzecha June 12, 2015