Why is there no inclusionary housing on the Upper East Side?
The Inclusionary Housing Program has been part of NYC policy since 1987.
Brent Lomas February 4, 2016
To rent or own? Here’s how long it takes for buying a home to be worth it in 35 US cities
So you’ve saved for a down payment and are ready to take the plunge into homeownership — should you?
Josh Sherman February 4, 2016
The top 10 NYC developments on BuzzBuzzHome in January 2016
A short building reaches new heights this month.
Josh Sherman February 3, 2016
A month after Penn Station renovation announced, proposed plans met with cheers and jeers
In January, Governor Cuomo announced a request for proposals for developers while outlining five possible scenarios to redevelop Penn Station.
Brent Lomas February 3, 2016
Amazon has plans to open 300 to 400 physical bookstores, mall exec says
The company's first bricks-and-mortar bookstore has only been open for a few months.
Sean MacKay February 2, 2016
Josh Sherman January 27, 2016
You can find out the property value of every building in NYC
Some would say New York City’s greatest resource is its art and culture, but there is a strong case to be made for its land.
Brent Lomas January 27, 2016
Realtor’s cheeky Adele parody video roasts Zillow
The video has amassed over 130,000 views on YouTube in three days.
Brent Lomas January 26, 2016
These are the world’s most unaffordable housing markets, according to Demographia
'Severely unaffordable' Vancouver came in at number three on the global ranking.
Michael Aynsley January 25, 2016
Why are some NYC neighborhoods hemorrhaging affordable housing?
Affordable housing is disappearing in neighborhoods with the highest quality schools, the lowest crime rates and the greatest access to jobs.
Brent Lomas January 22, 2016
These 8 states are most at risk of an oil-driven home price drop
However, the performance of local markets with these states is expected to vary.
Josh Sherman January 21, 2016
NYC’s affordable housing future in question as 421-a expires
A report from the NYU Furman Center said 98 percent of rental units in Manhattan benefitted from 421-a exemptions between 2011 and 2014.
Brent Lomas January 18, 2016
Inside the NYPD’s most detailed data release ever
Analyst/blogger Ben Wellington published some interesting takeaways from the release to his iQuantNY site.
Brent Lomas January 14, 2016
This $49 million condo is San Francisco’s most expensive residential listing
The home takes up the top two floors of the 42-story Lumina tower in South Beach.
Valerie Veteto January 12, 2016
NAHB says new federal tax and spending bill full of victories for affordable housing
The bill adds $50 million to the annual budget for the Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), raising it to $950 million.
Brent Lomas January 8, 2016
Josh Sherman January 7, 2016
Will NYC see a new wave of micro-apartments in 2016?
New zoning changes could mean the end of the case-by-case waiver system that's currently in place.
Brent Lomas January 7, 2016
Will Mayor de Blasio’s Housing Plan benefit middle class renters?
A recent Pew Research Center study says that the "middle class" share of total household income in the United States has fallen from 62 percent in 1970 to 43 percent today.
Brent Lomas January 7, 2016
Josh Sherman January 5, 2016
Sydney Parker December 30, 2015
A countdown of the 20 hottest US real estate markets at the end of 2015
Before the ball drops in Times Square, see what US real estate markets were hot in December 2015.
Josh Sherman December 30, 2015
These “corrected” supertall renderings tell a more complete story of the Manhattan skyline
As a new project from the Municipal Art Society of New York (MASNYC) shows, appearances can be deceiving.
Brent Lomas December 30, 2015
Will East New York rezoning price nearly 50,000 residents out of their neighborhoods?
Comptroller Scott M. Stringer has criticized the plan's mechanism for promoting new affordable housing.
Brent Lomas December 29, 2015
Realtor association says new lending rules partly to blame for November US home sales slump
Affordability and limited inventory are also holding sales back, says the National Association of Realtors.
Josh Sherman December 28, 2015
Request for Proposal sent out for massive East Harlem rental and commercial project
The New York City Economic Development Corporation has worked steadily toward the revitalization of East 125th since 2003.
Brent Lomas December 28, 2015
5 facts you might not know about air rights in NYC
Residents usually don't know when nearby air rights deals happen.
Brent Lomas December 23, 2015
What the $300 billion federal transportation bill means for NYC
The bill has been dubbed the FAST Act, for “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation.”
Brent Lomas December 22, 2015
How do NYC buildings stack up when it comes to energy and water efficiency?
The building types with the highest energy usage or hospitals, retail stores and dormitories/residence halls.
Brent Lomas December 21, 2015
Almost all young US renters want to own a home: survey
To Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist, this flies in the face of speculation that homeownership simply doesn’t appeal to Millennials.
Josh Sherman December 21, 2015