Instagramarama: An Instagram tour of the beautiful streets of Barcelona
There’s no shortage of eye -- and camera -- pleasing sights to see.
James Bombales April 29, 2016
Prince’s former Toronto mansion on the market for nearly $12.8 million
The six bedroom, ten bathroom mansion spans 14,280 square feet and sits on two acres of private land.
Kelsey Pudloski April 25, 2016
21 brilliant ways to display collections
Display your collection using one of these creative ideas.
Kelsey Pudloski April 24, 2016
Josh Sherman April 21, 2016
Sales set to begin on May 5th at 179 Woodpoint Road in East Williamsburg
Sales are beginning just in time for summer at 179 Woodpoint Road, an outdoor lifestyle-driven boutique condo in East Williamsburg developed by The Pros Management....
This creative map imagines Manhattan’s cityscape as a mountain range
It’s definitely a creative way to look at the city and we’d love to see more urban areas mapped out like this.
Sean MacKay April 20, 2016
Can you dig these 12 far out photos of Seattle in the 1970s?
Seattle has come a long way since the 1970s, but some sights may look familiar.
Sydney Parker April 18, 2016
Britney Spears’ $9 million California mansion is up for sale and on our radar
Want to own Britney Spears’ Southern California estate? You better work b**ch.
Kelsey Pudloski April 16, 2016
12 hilarious listing fails from blog Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs
As an industry, real estate doesn’t always take itself so seriously.
Valerie Veteto April 13, 2016
Wide selection of suites now available for lease at 505 St. Marks in Crown Heights
No matter which unit you choose, you’ll enjoy standard finishes like Caesarstone countertops, hardwood floors, and large, bright windows.
Buy this entire UK village for $28.2 million (historic 21-bedroom mansion also included)
West Heslerton, a quaint village in North Yorkshire, England, can be yours for the sum of £20 million, or roughly $28.2 million.
Kelsey Pudloski April 9, 2016
Instagramarama: 6 spectacular sights you need to see in Seattle
It also boasts an iconic skyline that’s one of the most recognized in the world and beautiful architectural gems.
James Bombales April 8, 2016
Here’s what the MTA is doing to fix the mold disaster at Hudson Yards
When it opened in September, the heavily anticipated 7 train extension at Hudson Yards was supposed to be a "modern marvel," serving 32,000 riders each day.
Brent Lomas April 5, 2016
21 Scandinavian designs guaranteed to make you swoon
Not recommended for people with pets, kids or a tendency to spill red wine.
Kelsey Pudloski April 3, 2016
Nexus is bringing Morris Adjmi-designed 260 Bowery to Nolita
The developer has revealed that it has enlisted Morris Adjmi as the project architect.
Would you pay up to $70k for a week at David Bowie’s former Caribbean retreat?
The rental property accommodates up to ten guests and boasts a staff of 14, including a personal chef.
Kelsey Pudloski April 2, 2016
Instagramarama: Five must-see landmarks when in Rome
The “eternal city” is the cosmopolitan capital of Italy and is home to several major monuments and buildings that have influenced the world of architecture.
James Bombales April 1, 2016
The $30 million lawsuit surrounding the Tribeca crane collapse
The crane owner, its operator and the owner of 60 Hudson Street are also expected to be the targets of future lawsuits.
Brent Lomas March 31, 2016
See how much Seattle’s Pioneer Square has changed in these 10 fascinating photos
The neighborhood is undergoing a rapid revitalization but still retains much of its historic character.
Sydney Parker March 28, 2016
Your first full look at The Rose Modern’s suite interiors
The new model residence photos display an attention to light and an open feel, with warm, yet clean finishes.
See the 3 winners of the world’s most creative skyscraper design competition
While the designs are not conventional in any sense — really, that’s the point of the competition — they address many of the challenges of 21st-century urbanization.
Kelsey Pudloski March 26, 2016
New York traffic isn’t the country’s worst, but it’s close
New York City drivers waste 73 hours every year, due to traffic-related issues.
Brent Lomas March 24, 2016
Get that public bench you’ve always wanted for your neighborhood through the CityBench program
Much of the Big Apple's public seating comes from the CityBench program.
Brent Lomas March 23, 2016
21 insanely clever design ideas for your outdoor kitchen
Because spring/summer is upon us and your basic barbecue simply won't do.
Michael Aynsley March 20, 2016
Sales set to begin on May 5th at 179 Woodpoint Road in East Williamsburg
Sales are beginning just in time for summer at 179 Woodpoint Road, an outdoor lifestyle-driven boutique condo in East Williamsburg developed by The Pros Management....
This teardrop trailer will let you live off-grid for under $30K
Photo: Homegrown Trailers Want to get closer to nature, but not so close that wake up to a family of raccoons rummaging through your campsite?...
Kelsey Pudloski March 19, 2016
Instagramarama: 8 iconic London landmarks captured on Instagram
London is a modern metropolis with a diverse population, renowned public transportation system and a stunning mix of old and new architecture.
James Bombales March 18, 2016
Are you ready to catch the High Line at peak beauty?
Although the High Line sees nearly five million visitors per year, it’s specifically designed to be at peak beauty during its busy spring and summer months.
Brent Lomas March 15, 2016
21 outrageously fun DIY projects for your backyard
Say goodbye to winter and hello to outdoor entertaining.
Michael Aynsley March 13, 2016