13 groovy photos of Houston in the swingin’ sixties
Check out the photos to take a glimpse into Houston’s past.
Mackenzie Patterson November 23, 2015
7 off-the-grid homes fit for a hermit
If you like trees more than people, one of these remote cabins in the woods of Washington State might be for you.
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Instagramarama: An Instagram roundup of the 2015 CTBUH Award winners
The awards cover a range of categories including the best tall building in various geographical areas.
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LTD Edition No. 2505 luxury condos are now selling by private appointment in Dallas
The estate-style residences are priced from $1.3 million.
Magical Seattle houseboats to build a dream on
If you’ve always wanted to live on a lake, the Emerald City is the place to anchor your hopes and dreams.
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These will be the world’s 10 tallest new skyscrapers in 2016
In the upcoming calendar year 10 new skyscrapers of at least 1,128 feet in height are scheduled to be completed around the globe.
Michael Aynsley November 15, 2015
The most expensive home on the US market was just re-listed for $159 million
A taste for 17th century French architecture has not been lost on the kingdom of the one-percent.
Kelsey Pudloski November 14, 2015
Instagramarama: See the world’s most expensive buildings through the lens of Instagram
As modern skyscrapers reach new heights, so too do their price tags.
November 13, 2015
Naftali Group invites children to paint community mural at 221 West 77th
They invited 70+ school-age children from the Jewish Community Center Manhattan to work on a mural project.
The grim history of Seattle’s highway fallout shelter
Waiting for the end of the world in the Emerald City.
Sydney Parker November 12, 2015
Community members fight to designate historic Greenwich Village buildings as landmarks
One of the most notable histories is that of 801-807 Broadway, a cast-iron structure originally built in the 1860s.
Brent Lomas November 9, 2015
26 brilliant examples of bathroom design done right
Yes to a bathtub with a view and a fireplace next to the toilet.
Michael Aynsley November 8, 2015
Life in the fast lane: This UK city has a separate lane for fast-walkers
The initiative was led by retailer Argos and marketing agency Opinion Matters, who surveyed 1,505 Brits about their sidewalk grievances.
Kelsey Pudloski November 7, 2015
Toll Brothers City Living celebrates grand opening of 55 West 17th Street sales gallery in Chelsea
The building’s design by Morris Adjmi was inspired by the architecture of the Ladies’ Mile Historic District.
Instagramarama: An Instagram tour of the world’s top ten cities with the most skyscrapers
When we think of skyscrapers, cities like Hong Kong and New York City are usually the first places that come to mind.
James Bombales November 6, 2015
City Council approves changes to New York Wheel plans
Plans are now up to code, and the Wheel and its surrounding services are on track for a 2017 opening.
Brent Lomas November 4, 2015
4 ways this councilman plans to take 400,000 cars off NYC streets
As of 2012, 1.4 million New Yorkers were car owners, and that number is still growing.
Brent Lomas November 3, 2015
16 churches that were converted into truly glorious homes
What once were houses of worship, are now houses to worship.
Michael Aynsley November 1, 2015
Toll Brothers City Living reveals three-bedroom waterfront model home at Pierhouse
The decorated model residence is a 2,664 square foot three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath.
The hotel that inspired ‘The Shining’ could become a horror museum
The museum would feature rotating exhibits, a film archive and state-of-the-art production studio.
Kelsey Pudloski October 31, 2015
Instagramarama: 10 eerie images of abandoned places around the world
There’s something strangely beautiful about these relics from the past.
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How to sell a haunted house
Houses where murder, suicide, felonies and hauntings have occurred spend an average of 45 percent more time on the market than a regular house.
Sydney Parker October 29, 2015
24 magical bedrooms you would never want to leave
Because the room in which you sleep should literally be the stuff of dreams.
Michael Aynsley October 25, 2015
Toll Brothers City Living’s The Sutton hits 50 percent sold mark
The developer recently announced that its 29-story luxury condo development is now 50 percent sold after its April launch.
Oslo’s city centre set to become car free by 2019
The plan will reduce noise pollution and make the core safer for cyclists and pedestrians.
Kelsey Pudloski October 24, 2015
Instagramarama: 10 eye-popping atriums from around the world
Atriums are found in hotels, office buildings and shopping malls around the world and add a special architectural element to their interiors.
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5kids1condo blogger Adrian Crook offers lessons on living with less
Adrian Crook is a father and video game design consultant living in a 1,050 square foot condo in Vancouver’s trendy Yaletown neighbourhood, raising five children between the ages of three and nine.
Kelsey Pudloski October 20, 2015
8 weird and wonderful homes from Houston’s past and present
Did you know there’s a house on Malone Street that’s completely covered in old beer cans?!
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