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New York has experienced a marked rise in flooding events in recent years.
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Open Data NYC: As city agencies publish more data, the MTA appears to lag behind
The MTA still only has four datasets available on the website.
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Sales launch for Naftali Group’s luxurious 221 West 77
Designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen and Goldstein Hill & West Architects, the building is contemporary and elegant, with numerous rooftop terraces thanks to a clever "staircase" facade.
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Shepard Fairey, who? 104-year-old great-grandmother is world’s oldest street artist
Grace Brett belongs to a yarnbombing group called the Souter Stormers, which recently adorned 46 landmarks across Borders County, Scotland in warm and fuzzy knitwear.
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What causes the dangerous bacteria levels in the Hudson River?
The pollution in the Hudson River has been called a public hazard, especially in the area bordering Manhattan.
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Instagramarama: 10 museums with architecture as beautiful as the art inside
In many cases the buildings themselves are also considered massive works of art.
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550 Vanderbilt brings natural beauty to Prospect Heights
The new 17-story luxury condominium development is part of the ambitious Pacific Park Brooklyn master-planned community.
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A brief history of Seattle’s tallest buildings, from 1892 to present day
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5 jaw-dropping panoramas of the San Francisco skyline after the 1906 earthquake
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25 insanely clever kitchen organization hacks
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River & Warren’s cocktail cruise shows uptown brokers downtown luxury in Battery Park City
It was all part of a cocktail river cruise organized by the River & Warren sales team.
Bask in the glow of “Manhattanhenge” every day thanks to this new web app
It's that time of the year when the setting sun aligns with the Manhattan street grid, bathing the city in spectacular mystical glow.
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Instagramarama: These 10 stunning staircases beat taking the elevator any day
Photo: pixelsandpen/Instagram Most people encounter a staircase or two in their daily lives and never give them a second look. They serve a very functional...
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Where are all the trees in NYC? This infographic shows 600,000 of them
The most common species is Maple with over 72,000 in Queens alone.
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Sales launch for Naftali Group’s luxurious 221 West 77
Designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen and Goldstein Hill & West Architects, the building is contemporary and elegant, with numerous rooftop terraces thanks to a clever "staircase" facade.
31 stunning photos of cave homes you want to hibernate in
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This Flintstones-themed house in California is on the market for $4.2 million
Unfortunately for those wishing to peek beneath the bedrock, the Flintstone House will be shown by appointment only.
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Instagramarama: 10 sky high residences acrophobics couldn’t handle living in
New residential towers are popping up and breaking records all over the world.
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