11 times the MTA was hilariously awful, as documented by Twitter users
New Yorkers have a love-hate relationship with the subway system. We love to hate it.
Brent Lomas September 2, 2015
13 rare photos of Houston’s Main Street dating from 1866 to 1930
From department stores to parades to old-fashioned saloons, Main Street has seen it all.
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19 famous floorplans from your favorite movie and TV show homes
Including the Simpsons' residence and the apartments from Friends and Seinfeld.
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Instagramarama: 10 amazing bridges you’ll want to cross in your lifetime
There’s no doubt that these bridges are architectural and engineering marvels, but there are lesser known, yet equally fascinating bridges in the world.
August 28, 2015
New cinematic feature shines spotlight on architecture at The Rose Modern
The film begins with a proclamation that something big is coming to the Upper East Side.
Survey finds overcrowded streets and air quality are most pressing issues for downtown NYC
Perhaps city planners could remedy this by taking a hint from some of NYC's most-walked streets.
Brent Lomas August 28, 2015
What ever happened to that proposed Manhattan City Beach project?
Unfortunately, no update has been made on this project since 2014 when it raised $11,896 via indiegogo.
Brent Lomas August 26, 2015
These are the most popular emojis in each state
New York loves the Lady Liberty icon and California can't get enough of the sashimi.
Brent Lomas August 25, 2015
River & Warren’s cocktail cruise shows uptown brokers downtown luxury in Battery Park City
It was all part of a cocktail river cruise organized by the River & Warren sales team.
13 hilarious tweets about NYC’s ridiculous summer heat
We searched Twitter to find some of the most hilarious commentary about NYC's summer heat.
Brent Lomas August 24, 2015
26 nerdy home designs for serious geeks
Here you go, dweebs, some decor ideas for your Hobbit hole.
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One too many truffle shuffles causes house from “The Goonies” to close to visitors
Nearly 1,500 fans would make their pilgrimage to the fictional Walsh residence each day, leaving behind garbage and allowing their pets to urinate on the lawn.
Kelsey Pudloski August 22, 2015
De Blasio taskforce considers removing Times Square pedestrian plaza over naked women
Several women have been dressing in skimpy patriotic garb, topless except for red, white and blue body paint.
Brent Lomas August 21, 2015
The Rose Modern set to bring contemporary downtown style to uptown Manhattan
The Rose Modern will feature 82 spacious units ranging from studios to penthouses.
For help with your solar paneled roof, look no further than… Google?
The light seems to be dawning on the solar power industry.
Mackenzie Patterson August 21, 2015
Instagramarama: See the world’s most livable cities through the lens of Instagram
The publication examined factors like population, housing and amenities to determine the city’s overall quality of life.
James Bombales August 21, 2015
300,000 NYC government records go public on the City Record Online
Users will now have easy access to city documents, and even be able to subscribe to email data updates.
Brent Lomas August 18, 2015
18 brutally honest real estate ads that sell themselves
Children and fools tell the truth. Also, realtors on occasion.
Michael Aynsley August 16, 2015
Toll Brothers City Living reveals stunning model suite at 1110 Park Avenue
From the expansive, light-filled floor plans to the chic, regal finishes, it's nothing short of a dream home.
You’ll want to be marooned on one of these portable private islands
Man-made private islands that are also self-sustaining and environmentally friendly.
Kelsey Pudloski August 15, 2015
Instagramarama: See these 10 vibrant cities transform in black and white
Shooting in black and white adds depth and makes other elements like contrast, perspective, tones and shadows take on a bigger role.
James Bombales August 14, 2015
Chinese e-commerce tycoon Jack Ma buys $193 million house in Hong Kong
The 9,900 square-foot property sold for HK$151,653 ($19,500 USD) per square foot.
Mackenzie Patterson August 14, 2015
NYC Open Data update: Transit organizations lag while the Department of Education leads
The plan promises to make city data from over 200 agencies accessible to the public by 2018.
Brent Lomas August 12, 2015
New cinematic feature shines spotlight on architecture at The Rose Modern
The film begins with a proclamation that something big is coming to the Upper East Side.
Mayor de Blasio’s new financial plan prioritizes housing and infrastructure
De Blasio noted that NYC's high cost of living is prohibitive to the continued financial recovery.
Brent Lomas August 10, 2015
Record-breaking $96 million online real estate transaction announced by Auction.com
It was a watershed moment for the fast-growing online real estate industry.
Mackenzie Patterson August 7, 2015