Experts raise concerns over Uber’s environmental impact
So far in the debate, most of the criticism levelled at Uber has been focused on jobs and regulation.
Brent Lomas August 17, 2015
New Target app will style your dorm room by scanning your Facebook and Instagram posts
The program accesses college-bound students’ Facebook and Instagram posts to gather information that will reveal their dorm decorating personality.
Kelsey Pudloski July 25, 2015
A closer look at New York City’s extreme eco-conscious moves
As more and more people move into cities, environmental impact considerations become more and more pressing.
Brent Lomas May 5, 2015
Bridgit mobile app improves efficiency at construction sites by recording deficiencies
Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Hasegawa haven’t just cracked the glass ceiling, they’re about to shatter it.
Kelsey Pudloski May 5, 2015
New cinematic feature shines spotlight on architecture at The Rose Modern
The film begins with a proclamation that something big is coming to the Upper East Side.
Uber capitalizes on latest MTA fail with $5 Brooklyn rides
Upcoming L train weekend plans would have severely limited travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan, leaving New Yorkers stranded or relegated to crowded shuttle busses
Brent Lomas April 17, 2015
Amazon wants you to outsource household chores and never run out of anything, ever
Amazon Home Services is a new platform where customers can browse, purchase and schedule hundreds of professional services, from cleaning to plumbing.
Joyce Chen April 1, 2015
IKEA introduces furniture with built-in Qi wireless charging technology
Qi wireless charging could eliminate the clutter of messy cables as well as the dreaded ‘my phone is about to die’ scenario.
Kelsey Pudloski March 2, 2015
Michael Aynsley February 13, 2015
River & Warren’s cocktail cruise shows uptown brokers downtown luxury in Battery Park City
It was all part of a cocktail river cruise organized by the River & Warren sales team.
Where the 10 biggest US cities stand on Airbnb
A look at how the 10 biggest US cities are handling the new sharing economy.
Joyce Chen January 28, 2015
DC-based startup Create visualizes real estate data for developers, Google Earth-style
The app allows users to pick any property in DC and get a wealth of data on land use, market conditions, financing, zoning and demographics, updated in real time.
Joyce Chen January 23, 2015
Young entrepreneurs plan to shake-up the home design industry with crowdsourcing platform
Q and A with Justin Picone and Jad Joulji, co-founders of HouseIt.
Kelsey Pudloski January 19, 2015
The fight for flight: FAA approves drones for commercial use in real estate
More US drones will take to the skies this year -- creating literal and figurative buzz around listed properties.
Kelsey Pudloski January 10, 2015
The Rose Modern set to bring contemporary downtown style to uptown Manhattan
The Rose Modern will feature 82 spacious units ranging from studios to penthouses.
These tiles generate energy from foot traffic in busy city centers
People-powered technology for the Twenty-First Century.
Kelsey Pudloski January 1, 2015
This all-glass modular home will treat seasonal depression and jet lag
A 484 square foot dwelling that will stave off the winter blues.
Kelsey Pudloski December 13, 2014
Real estate startup Opendoor lets you sell your home online in minutes
Co-founded by Keith Rabois, the San Francisco-based startup has launched in its first market, Phoenix.
Joyce Chen December 10, 2014
Toot! Toot! Here comes the human waste-powered bio bus
Transforming landfill-bound organic waste into fuel.
Kelsey Pudloski November 29, 2014
Toll Brothers City Living reveals stunning model suite at 1110 Park Avenue
From the expansive, light-filled floor plans to the chic, regal finishes, it's nothing short of a dream home.
The mobile office that picks you up and takes you somewhere fun to work
And it would run off an electric power grid while employing GPS, route- and object-sensing technology for navigation.
Michael Aynsley November 21, 2014
Bright idea: The Netherlands unveils world’s first solar powered bicycle lane
The 70 metre long ‘SolaRoad’ will officially open on November 12th.
Kelsey Pudloski November 8, 2014
New cinematic feature shines spotlight on architecture at The Rose Modern
The film begins with a proclamation that something big is coming to the Upper East Side.
9 ways the Apple Watch could change the real estate world
Find out once and for all if you really heart that home.
September 10, 2014
Q&A with Galen Ward, the brains behind the Tinder-style app for house hunters
We chat with the Estately CEO about Flip, the company's latest real estate app that draws influence from Tinder.
Brittany Devenyi August 29, 2014
Botlr the robotic butler makes its official debut at an Aloft hotel in California
The robot will act as a bellhop, doing everything from distributing towels to delivering room service.
Brittany Devenyi August 20, 2014
Finally, skyscraper shades that respond to changing weather
To keep you comfortable while lowering energy costs.
Michael Aynsley August 15, 2014