You can see all of NYC’s landmarks on one handy digital map
The NYC Landmark Commission has officially designated over 35,000 landmark properties.
Brent Lomas March 25, 2016
What NYC’s new green building legislation means for future sustainability
Energy used in New York’s buildings is responsible for 70 percent of the city's carbon emissions, costing New Yorkers more than $20 billion annually.
Brent Lomas March 22, 2016
Engineering giant Siemens is rolling out NYC’s radio-based transit system
Its work will reduce intervals between trains as well as increase passenger capacity, system reliability and safety.
Brent Lomas March 14, 2016
Sales set to begin on May 5th at 179 Woodpoint Road in East Williamsburg
Sales are beginning just in time for summer at 179 Woodpoint Road, an outdoor lifestyle-driven boutique condo in East Williamsburg developed by The Pros Management....
Will NYC’s new ride-sharing service poach Uber drivers?
New York City's newest ride-sharing service Juno is hoping to become a new power player.
Brent Lomas March 8, 2016
NYCEDC commits $7.2 million to launching two urban tech hubs this year
Beyond space to work, Urban Tech NYC's network of programs will offer a variety of shared and individual resources.
Brent Lomas February 29, 2016
New app looks to capitalize on Bay Area’s $2 billion ‘secret’ real estate market
PocketList connects buyers with pre-market and privately listed homes has just launched in the Bay Area.
Valerie Veteto February 25, 2016
City making progress on providing free broadband to 16,000 New Yorkers in public housing
But logistical challenges mean progress toward high-speed internet cannot be, well, high-speed.
Brent Lomas February 24, 2016
Wide selection of suites now available for lease at 505 St. Marks in Crown Heights
No matter which unit you choose, you’ll enjoy standard finishes like Caesarstone countertops, hardwood floors, and large, bright windows.
MTA to host “hackathon” to improve Staten Island bus service
The MTA hopes to address some of its most pressing issues using technology and "people power."
Brent Lomas February 17, 2016
Here’s how MiiCasa’s virtual sales and decor centre aims to revolutionize the home buying experience
We caught up with co-founders Scott Barker and Jenna Zaza to find out more about their newly formed company and their aspirations for the future.
Kelsey Pudloski February 10, 2016
Will NYC council require municipal buildings to install solar power systems?
Certain landmarked buildings would be excepted from the requirement.
Brent Lomas February 2, 2016
Uber not to blame for Manhattan’s recent increase in congestion, says Mayor’s office report
So what is causing the congestion increase in the Manhattan Central Business District then?
Brent Lomas February 2, 2016
Nexus is bringing Morris Adjmi-designed 260 Bowery to Nolita
The developer has revealed that it has enlisted Morris Adjmi as the project architect.
New York’s new public Wi-Fi is fast, but how secure is it?
Some security experts say that public Wi-Fi on the scale of Link NYC comes with new risks.
Brent Lomas January 26, 2016
BuzzBuzzHome rolls out 3D floorplans
BuzzBuzzHome is introducing a new feature that narrows the gap between image and reality: 3D floorplans.
Josh Sherman January 25, 2016
Jiffy wants to change the world of home services, one clogged drain at a time
The app is an Uber-like dispatching tool, providing users with a network of trusted professionals.
Kelsey Pudloski January 21, 2016
New tech for the NYC subway system means broad station shutdowns
The state plans to expand Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the system and speed up progress on mobile payments and ticketing to replace the MetroCard.
Brent Lomas January 19, 2016
Your first full look at The Rose Modern’s suite interiors
The new model residence photos display an attention to light and an open feel, with warm, yet clean finishes.
New compliance agency to monitor NYC Open Data
Included in the legislation is a requirement for city agencies to release data from Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests.
Brent Lomas January 15, 2016
NYC’s first public gigabit Wi-Fi has finally arrived
Mayor De Blasio first announced the initiative as the winner of a competition to revamp the city's antiquated payphones in 2014.
Brent Lomas January 6, 2016
Architect proposes half-a-mile-tall 3D-printed ‘oceanscraper’ made of garbage and algae
One man’s trash is another man’s massive aquatic superstructure.
Josh Sherman January 2, 2016
Design your own perfect subway system from your smartphone with Mini Metro
It may be a little stressful and a tad wonky, but the game is a hit.
Brent Lomas December 24, 2015
Sales set to begin on May 5th at 179 Woodpoint Road in East Williamsburg
Sales are beginning just in time for summer at 179 Woodpoint Road, an outdoor lifestyle-driven boutique condo in East Williamsburg developed by The Pros Management....
This nifty “urban scratchoff” shows Red Hook before and after the BQE
Users can click and drag on the map to reveal differences between old and new Brooklyn.
Brent Lomas December 18, 2015
Here’s why the New York Public Library needs “citizen cartographers”
Tired of Candy Crush and Angry Birds? This project could be the newest addictive time killer.
Brent Lomas December 16, 2015
A stunning look at 13 miles of Broadway through millions of data points
The piece is on display at the Public Eye exhibition at the New York Public Library until January 3rd, 2016.
Brent Lomas December 15, 2015
Bridgit wins Google Demo Day for construction deficiency management app
The competition received over 450 applications from 40 countries, but only 11 companies were selected to present in San Francisco on Wednesday, December 9th.
Kelsey Pudloski December 14, 2015