New app aims to empower tenants by getting unresponsive NYC landlords to listen up
Most New Yorkers could tell you a horror story or two involving a landlord from hell.
Brent Lomas November 25, 2015
Will NYC’s new “Taxi of Tomorrow” be semi-autonomous?
Mobileye is working to introduce semi-autonomous elements to NYC’s tax fleet.
Brent Lomas November 19, 2015
BuzzBuzzHome launches NYC new residential development map integration
The first iteration was rolled out in San Francisco on The Registry SF, a popular real estate development publication in the Bay Area.
November 18, 2015
LTD Edition No. 2505 luxury condos are now selling by private appointment in Dallas
The estate-style residences are priced from $1.3 million.
How virtual reality could change the real estate landscape
VR technology has come a long way since the days of the Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Sega VR of the 1990s.
James Bombales November 16, 2015
This map shows users where to find tech opportunities in NYC
Users of can view details on NYC's 6,829 startup companies.
Brent Lomas November 11, 2015
4 incredibly useful things New Yorkers can do with
The site serves as a hub for hundreds of NYC neighborhoods like Astoria and Washington Heights.
Brent Lomas October 27, 2015
Open Data map shows the extent of NYC’s pothole problem
The map is effectively a sea of red, signifying too many potholes to even count.
Brent Lomas October 22, 2015
Naftali Group invites children to paint community mural at 221 West 77th
They invited 70+ school-age children from the Jewish Community Center Manhattan to work on a mural project.
Exploring NYC’s head start on achieving the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals
The de Blasio administration has demonstrated a deep commitment to issues of sustainable, modern energy.
Brent Lomas October 20, 2015
11 stunning cinemagraphs that bring still city scenes to life
For as long as there have been cameras, people have been using them to document the minutiae of urban life. In 2011, street photographers got a...
Josh Sherman October 18, 2015
See how NYC’s air quality stacks up to other cities with Plume Labs’ new interactive app
Already available in over 150 cities, Plume uses an index system (from 0 to 150+) to rate a city’s air quality for that day.
Brent Lomas October 16, 2015
Why is Lyft stealing Uber’s late-night ridership in New York?
Uber usage tops out during the evening rush while Lyft sees its largest surge of riders around midnight.
Brent Lomas October 15, 2015
Toll Brothers City Living celebrates grand opening of 55 West 17th Street sales gallery in Chelsea
The building’s design by Morris Adjmi was inspired by the architecture of the Ladies’ Mile Historic District.
Artist puts up official-looking ‘No Tech Zone’ signs in San Francisco parks to trick people into unplugging
With help from friends, artist and filmmaker Ivan Cash put up the fake signs in several parks, including Alamo, Duboce and Dolores.
Kelsey Pudloski October 10, 2015
MapYourProperty’s online platform is bringing land development into the 21st century
The online platform is a tool for professionals who wish to assess a property in three clicks and 30 seconds.
Kelsey Pudloski October 7, 2015
Driverless taxis will be hitting some Tokyo streets in 2016
The Robot Taxi is being marketed as a much-needed service for the elderly in rural areas.
Kelsey Pudloski October 3, 2015
Non-profit leads the way in reclaiming NYC’s digital land
The founder of Connecting NYC says that physical land is not NYC's only limited resource.
Brent Lomas September 30, 2015
Toll Brothers City Living reveals three-bedroom waterfront model home at Pierhouse
The decorated model residence is a 2,664 square foot three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath.
Vacationers will soon be able to spend the night in the world’s first 3D printed hotel suite
The job was completed in just over 100 hours, although it took several months to plan and implement the design.
Kelsey Pudloski September 12, 2015
Experts raise concerns over Uber’s environmental impact
So far in the debate, most of the criticism levelled at Uber has been focused on jobs and regulation.
Brent Lomas August 17, 2015
New Target app will style your dorm room by scanning your Facebook and Instagram posts
The program accesses college-bound students’ Facebook and Instagram posts to gather information that will reveal their dorm decorating personality.
Kelsey Pudloski July 25, 2015
A closer look at New York City’s extreme eco-conscious moves
As more and more people move into cities, environmental impact considerations become more and more pressing.
Brent Lomas May 5, 2015
Toll Brothers City Living’s The Sutton hits 50 percent sold mark
The developer recently announced that its 29-story luxury condo development is now 50 percent sold after its April launch.
Bridgit mobile app improves efficiency at construction sites by recording deficiencies
Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Hasegawa haven’t just cracked the glass ceiling, they’re about to shatter it.
Kelsey Pudloski May 5, 2015
Uber capitalizes on latest MTA fail with $5 Brooklyn rides
Upcoming L train weekend plans would have severely limited travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan, leaving New Yorkers stranded or relegated to crowded shuttle busses
Brent Lomas April 17, 2015
Amazon wants you to outsource household chores and never run out of anything, ever
Amazon Home Services is a new platform where customers can browse, purchase and schedule hundreds of professional services, from cleaning to plumbing.
Joyce Chen April 1, 2015
IKEA introduces furniture with built-in Qi wireless charging technology
Qi wireless charging could eliminate the clutter of messy cables as well as the dreaded ‘my phone is about to die’ scenario.
Kelsey Pudloski March 2, 2015