This 312-square-foot “shed” in Brooklyn is on the market for half a million
The home has been panned online as a "glorified tool shed."
Charlotte McLeod April 28, 2016
Renters are raging on Twitter so we collected the 13 best #VentYourRent tweets
Bugs, rodents, bad plumbing — these renters have seen it all.
Charlotte McLeod April 27, 2016
‘Tough spring’ ahead for US first-time homebuyers
“Yet another reminder that it pays to be wealthy,” says Zillow's chief economist Svenja Gudell.
Josh Sherman April 26, 2016
The number one boom town in the US is an Arizona suburb, according to
The term “boom town” probably won’t call to mind a sprawling low-rise development in Gilbert, Arizona — but maybe it should.
Josh Sherman April 19, 2016
Sales set to begin on May 5th at 179 Woodpoint Road in East Williamsburg
Sales are beginning just in time for summer at 179 Woodpoint Road, an outdoor lifestyle-driven boutique condo in East Williamsburg developed by The Pros Management....
Growing NYC unsold housing inventory projected to top 9,000 new units by end of 2017
At current sales rates, excess inventory will not be sold for at least five years.
Brent Lomas April 12, 2016
NYC plans to add 18 miles of protected bike lanes by end of 2016
In 2015, the City added 58 miles of bike lanes, of which 12 miles were protected.
Brent Lomas April 11, 2016
NYC population growth is the highest it’s been since the 1920s
New data from the US Census Bureau say the city’s population has reached a high of 8,550,405.
Brent Lomas April 7, 2016
Here’s why the Bronx hasn’t added a new subway stop in 75 years
Despite massive capital projects and growing populations, the MTA has only added 10 new stations and one replacement over the last 60 years.
Brent Lomas April 1, 2016
Wide selection of suites now available for lease at 505 St. Marks in Crown Heights
No matter which unit you choose, you’ll enjoy standard finishes like Caesarstone countertops, hardwood floors, and large, bright windows.
The 10 most expensive Seattle homes on the market right now
Luxury real estate is on the rise in Seattle as our city economy continues to boom.
Sydney Parker April 1, 2016
What the ZQA/MIH vote means for the future of affordable housing
Earlier this month, the New York City Housing Council overwhelmingly approved two key tenets of Mayor de Blasio's $41 billion affordable housing plan.
Brent Lomas March 30, 2016
These are the 10 most (and least) affordable US housing markets for average earners
Home prices that continue to appreciate faster than wages are eating away at housing affordability in more and more local US markets, a new RealtyTrac report suggests.
Josh Sherman March 29, 2016
Will New York State take over the beleaguered NYCHA?
Photo: Dan DeLuca/Flickr If one aspiring congressman gets his way, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) could have a new administrator: Governor Cuomo. First...
Brent Lomas March 28, 2016
Nexus is bringing Morris Adjmi-designed 260 Bowery to Nolita
The developer has revealed that it has enlisted Morris Adjmi as the project architect.
US pending home sales up in February after steep January drop
Following a series of volatile winter months, US pending home sales rose in February to their highest level since July.
Sean MacKay March 28, 2016
US home sales rise as national housing supply continues to shrink
In the country's tightest market, current sales activity would lead to housing inventory selling out in just over a month.
Josh Sherman March 18, 2016
New York new construction market outpaces infrastructure spending
While some real estate professionals have been thrilled about NYC's robust new construction market, many worry that City infrastructure is not keeping up.
Brent Lomas March 17, 2016
This New York co-living startup already has 10 planned projects
Its current projects are in Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, and Downtown Brooklyn -- all within 20 minutes of Union Square.
Brent Lomas March 16, 2016
Your first full look at The Rose Modern’s suite interiors
The new model residence photos display an attention to light and an open feel, with warm, yet clean finishes.
Here’s why more Millennials are deserting the city and moving to suburbia
“Even if an urban setting is where they’d like to buy their first home, the need for more space at an affordable price is for the most part pushing their search further out,” says NAR's chief economist.
Josh Sherman March 11, 2016
Home flipping hits highest level in past 8 years in US
Last year was a busy one for home flipping in the US.
Josh Sherman March 4, 2016
Have 200,000 NYC apartments been illegally lost rent stabilization?
Tenants are at risk for illegal evictions and rent overcharges.
Brent Lomas March 2, 2016
US home price increase in January hints at strong spring to come: CoreLogic
As spring approaches, US home prices continue to heat up.
Josh Sherman March 1, 2016
Sales set to begin on May 5th at 179 Woodpoint Road in East Williamsburg
Sales are beginning just in time for summer at 179 Woodpoint Road, an outdoor lifestyle-driven boutique condo in East Williamsburg developed by The Pros Management....
Zumper shakes up online real estate rental marketplace, lands PadMapper for nearly $10 million
Two online apartment-rental services move closer together as Zumper announces today it has acquired PadMapper.
Josh Sherman February 25, 2016
Two NYU Furman Center-approved changes that could make the property tax system more equitable
Historically property tax has been viewed as the least fair when compared to other taxes like social security, federal income tax and state sales tax.
Brent Lomas February 25, 2016
See who was hit hardest when the US housing bubble burst
When the 2008 financial crisis sent shockwaves through the US housing market, some lost out more than others.
Josh Sherman February 24, 2016
Elliman’s January Rental Market Report shows price growth slowing in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Trends across the three boroughs varied, with modest year-over-year growth in Manhattan and Brooklyn and a decline in Queens.
Brent Lomas February 22, 2016