26 baffling design fails committed by incompetent home DIYers

We’ve seen how poorly architects can perform, now we’re looking at the failings of home designers, decorators and handymen.

This refrigerator island that is definitely not an upgrade on the traditional kitchen island.

refridgerator island Photos: imgur

This luxurious bathtub with a DIY waterfall feature.

bathtub with accidental waterfall feature Photo: imgur

This sink that comes up a little short.

home design fail-6 Photo: imgur

The carpet choice for these stairs.

poorly carpeted stairs Photo: imgur

And these sneaky stairs that ran out of carpet.

surprise stair Photos: imgur

Seriously, watch your step.

This tile that chooses to go its on way.

standout tile Photo: imgur

This unnecessary safety railing.

unecessary safety railing Photo: imgur

And this impenetrable gate.

home design fail-2 Photo: sookut

This tiny window that was a huge mistake.

tiny window Photo: imgur

The dangerous location of this wall phone and thermostat.

home design fail-4 Photo: imgur

This built-in work space that was installed without a tape measure.

window sill fail Photo: imgur

This kitchen that’s also a laundry room.

kitchen laundry room Photo: imgur

And this kitchen with an in-suite bathroom.

home fail Photo: imgur

Here too.

home fail-5 Photo: imgur

Who needs a bath before dessert?

This office where important executives take care of all manner of business.

home fail-2 Photo: homeownernut

This toilet that hopefully never needs a repair.

home design fail-3 Photo: imgur

And this bathroom committed to maximizing space.

home design fail-5 Photo: imgur

Or this one that doesn’t understand space.

home fail-4 Photo: imgur

And this one that requires a good reach.

bathroom fail Photo: lolntroll

These poorly planned condo balconies.

condo balconies Photo: imgur

And this driveway.

home fail-3 Photo: houselogic

It’ll be fine, just make sure you have some speed.

This chandelier that will perk up any room.

Penis chandelier Photo: imgur

And these attic windows that make a bold statement.

home design fail-7 Photo: Bad Realty Photos/Twitter

This doorstop that doesn’t understand its purpose in life.

bad doorstop Photo: imgur

You had one job, doorstop.

And this door handle.

home design fail-1 Photo: HadOneJob

Same deal with these drawers.

home design fail Photo: Pinterest

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