Timeline: A look through the years of Canadian housing bubble fears


Photo: Dave Han/Flickr

The Canadian real estate market’s ups and downs have attracted plenty of local and international speculation over whether there’s a housing bubble. To better make sense of the last roller coaster-like five years, we put together an interactive timeline of all the bubble trouble. Find out more about the players who are calling for the big pop or the quiet cool down, as well as some of the market milestones, big changes and the things that never seem to change…like the Bank of Canada’s interest rate.


  • Trish Widdershoven

    well the big city ie Toronto Vancouver and Calgary may have recovered but the rest of the country has not……there are still really affordable homes in many areas..the average price here in central Vancouver Island (which is retirement heaven) NO SNOW this winter at all!! IS $328,000 and that buys a cute little retirement rancher. A Spectacular waterfront home completely renovated on almost a half acre lot is $1,275,000. and that includes granite counters and everything else you could imagine.
    So affordablitiy is relative. Trish TeamW RE/MAX Parksville B.C.