15 of the best DIY home organizing tips

Have you resolved to get your home organized in 2014? These DIY home tips and tricks are guaranteed to save you lots of space, and in some cases, a little bit of time.

Turn an empty lotion bottle into a cellphone/accessory holder

cell-phone-holder Via: Makeit-loveit

Upside down shelves make great shelf dividers

shelf dividers Via: MarthaStewart.com

Store your headphones tangle-free using an old gift card or credit card

credit card headphone holder Via: Lifehacker

Build a shoe rack out of PVC piping

pvc shoe rack Via: macgyverisms

Use tissue boxes to store plastic bags

tissue box plastic bag storage Via: GrowCreative

CD racks are great for organizing Tupperware drawers

cd rack tumperware holder Photo: bhg

While magazine racks can do the same for pot lids and cutting boards

magazine rack pot lids Via: HGTV

Save space in your bathroom by putting plug-in devices inside a magazine rack attached to the cabinet door 

magazine rack Via: thesuels

Hang towels on hooks rather than on rails for more drying space — or better yet, hang them on shower curtain hooks

towel hooks Via: Quirky

Use toilet paper rolls to organize cords and cables

toilet paper roll cord holder

Photo: 2Shopper

Nail jar lids underneath shelves for additional storage

jar storage Via: CraftinessIsNotOptional

Destroy a book to hide that unsightly internet modem

book cover modem book cover modem-1 Via: ApartmentTherapy

Bed sheets are best tucked away in their corresponding pillowcases

pillowcase bedsheets Via: MarthaStewart.com

Use clothes hangers to keep eyewear out of drawers

hanging-eyewear Via: onlyhangers

From knives to beauty tools, save even more drawer space by slapping anything metal to the wall

metal strip organizer Via: sprwmn

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