Imperial Tower proposal in Mumbai

Would-be residents of the proposed 116-storey, 1,312-foot “Imperial Tower” in Mumbai needn’t concern themselves with blustery days. Design firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture insist their tall and slender building will “confuse the wind.”

How, you ask? The tower’s pencil-like shape is aerodynamic and the north- and south-facing sky gardens will also help “break up wind currents” around the 820,984-square-foot structure.

If Imperial Tower is realized, it will be comprised of 132 residential units ranging in size from 775 to 2,712-square-feet.

The skinny skyscraper also has plenty of environmentally-friendly features, including rainwater harvesting, gray water recycling and a green wall podium.

Perhaps this bold design can upstage another famous Mumbai structure, the world’s largest and most expensive private residence.

More Imperial Tower renderings:

imperial tower-1

Imperial tower-2

Imperial tower-3

Via Atlantic Cities

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