Norma Berg A ghost town in Argentina has resurfaced after spending a quarter-century under water.

Epecuen, a resort located in the farmlands southwest of Buenos Aires, used to have a population of 1,500, with 20,000 tourists every season, The Associated Press reported. On November 10th, 1985, the lake overflowed after a heavy rainstorm and water surged through a retaining wall, flooding the streets. The residents fled, and in several days the homes were buried under almost 33 feet of saltwater.

After 25 years, the waters have retreated, leaving behind an eerie landscape of cracked earth, spindly trees and rusted automobile frames.

Check out the haunting photographs below, taken by Natacha Pisarenko:

Argentina Underwater Town

APTOPIX Argentina Underwater Town

Norma Berg

Argentina Underwater Town

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