Here at BuzzBuzzHome, we’re pretty much die-hard fans of any pretty depiction of Toronto out there. We’re Instagram-addicts who have never come across a crane shot or a post-card worthy skyline pic that we didn’t like.

And we’re in good company. The “Toronto is Home” video recently launched and is getting plenty of love. Inspired by the flick that gave us goosebumps, we’ve collected a series of videos that celebrate Toronto from different angles or show off a seldom seen side of the city.

Check them out and let us know if we’re missing any stunning time-lapses or cool panoramas:

Toronto is Home from Javin Lau.

The video is an impressive collection of time-lapse shots above the city. In the intro to the flick, Lau defends the often-maligned metropolis with “I say we’re just finding our own way.”

City Rising (Toronto Timelapse) from Tom Ryaboi.

Another awe-inspiring time-lapse movie, City Rising aims to show people a perspective of the city they’ve never seen before “where the boundary between earth and sky is unclear and the placid beauty of the city lays spread out below, quietly humming along.” If Ryaboi’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he also goes by the name of “Rooftopper” and is responsible for some pretty epic, vertigo-inducing shots of the city that have attracted international attention.

Toronto Tempo from Ryan Emond on Vimeo.

Emond’s flick makes the city seem lively, modern and bright (he also seems to love skyscraper shot just as much as we do). The video came about after a summer fling with Ottawa and Emond plans to turn his lens to Vancouver for a change in scenery in the future.

Planet Toronto from Ryan Emond

Okay, so we’re a big fan of Emond. Inspired by the “Planet Earth” documentaries, the “Planet Toronto” video was first conceived as a potential toursim spot. It’s got plenty of notable landmarks such as the Rogers Centre and Old City Hall plus some truly incredible shots of cranes high above the city.

Toronto Lightning Storm from Sam Javanrouh

Mostly known for his daily photo blog, Javanrough has captured some short yet stunning moments in Toronto life. Quite often, his work focuses on weather elements and aside from lightning storms, he also has a couple great videos of fog rolling into the city.

We covered this video in a post last fall and we still find a day in the life of the TTC mesmerizing. The clip was created from General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data made available by the transit authority.

“Spadina Bus” by The Shuffle Demons from Gloo Studios on Vimeo.

And now for something completely different, this 1986-ode to transit (and Top 40 single) courtesy of the Shuffle Demons is a long-standing local favourite. Yes, the titular bus was replaced by a streetcar a long time ago, but it’s amazing how much has stayed the same along Spadina Avenue. Some of the landmark restaurants are still there, as are the old warehouse buildings closer to Queen and well as the sidewalks crammed with goods and vendors. Now good luck getting it out of your head.

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