See how far our $380,000 new condo budget took us in five major Canadian cities [INFOGRAPHIC]
April 30, 2013

how-much-for-380kWant to check out the projects included in this graphic? See below:

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  • Jane Ink

    Sweet. I bought an end unit freehold townhouse in Mississauga for $360. I’m sure I came up on the plus side of everyone putting money into maintenance fees.

  • Condo hunting

    I live in Calgary and in the market buying a condo. I can’t find any condo in downtown Calgary or even the one in the report here, Mark on 10th condo, will give me 1120 sq ft for $380,000.00.

  • Bill

    The comparison’s here leave much to be desired. Rue Paré in Montreal in not an area I would want to live and definitely not comparible to living at 300 Front St in Toronto. Try picking one of the shoebox condos in downtown Montreal that sell for over 400K at 500 or less square feet of space and then compare it to the Tridel project on Front St.

    There used to be a huge gap in prices between Montreal and Toronto but new construction of condos in Montreal has followed the Vancouver and Toronto trend and are in many cases just as unaffordable. Never mind the massive amount of income and other taxes you pay in Quebec.

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