It’s over Chicago: Toronto overtakes the Windy City as North America’s fourth largest urban centre

Toronto Skyline Krazy Diamond FlickrToronto has supplanted Chicago as North America’s fourth largest city, the City of Toronto announced today as it presented its annual Economic Dashboard report.

The city’s population, according to the most recent Statistics Canada Census, is 2,791,140, besting Chicago’s 2,707,120 by approximately 80,000 denizens.

“These population figures are another sign confirming Toronto’s steady growth,” Mayor Rob Ford wrote in a statement. “Toronto is a desirable location for people to live and work. We are attracting people from across North America and other parts of the world.”

Toronto now sits behind Los Angeles, which handily beats Hogtown with its population of 3,792,621.

It’s still a big win for TO, as the city has long been in a friendly competition with Chicago.

According to the Toronto Star, neither Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, nor the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, chose to comment about Toronto overtaking the Windy City. Sore losers? Maybe they just have better things to do…

  • Dirt.

    That’s only counting the city proper. If you look at the population of the region (which would be a better determinant of economic impact), Chicago is still bigger than Toronto.

  • john kovak

    not really, Chicago’s region is more spread out than Toronto’s. Chicagoland is 10 thou. square km. The GTA is only 2000 square km’s. more land equals more people. If you compare the golden horseshoe to chicagoland then its close. Doesn’t matter though, Toronto’s rate of growth is so much faster than Chicago’s that its only a matter of time before Toronto eclipses Chicago in every Population category.

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  • nicoletoronto

    If only Toronto had the infrastructure..without an extremely poor subway system and a failing expressway…Toronto would have a much better chance at sustained growth.

  • CEO

    Whoever wrote this story was an idiot

  • BuzzBuzzHome

    Why do you say that?