55 years of bricks: minimalist LEGO pop-culture posters

lego redIf you don’t like LEGOs, we can’t be friends — these little toy bricks kicked off our life-long obsession with home-building.

To celebrate LEGO’s 55th birthday, creative agency Brad in Montreal made 55 minimalist posters of LEGOs recreating famous pop-culture scenes. The clever images don’t reveal the exact references, only giving hints such as “imagine a song” or “imagine a movie.”

Below are our favorite architecture/home-related posters:

lego 0

lego intro

lego 1

lego 2

lego 4

These two aren’t necessarily home-related, but we felt smart when we solved them:

lego 6

lego 5

Can’t get enough? All the designs are on the tumblr ‘55 years of the brick.’ See how many riddles you can solve at first glance; we figured out almost all of them (we think).

[edited 1/31: Looks like the tumblr account is currently down — bummer. Hope you looked through all the designs while you had the chance, because you'll never see them again.]

  • http://www.phacient.com Patrick Healy

    I had them all pretty easy until the last one. That stumped me. Some of them in the article weren’t the slightest bit intuitive to me but then again, it might just be a cultural thing. I particularly loves the Matrix and Reservoir Dogs ones.

  • Joyce Chen

    The Reservoir Dogs one was brilliant; I had the most trouble with the band-related riddles, since I associate visual “moments” more strongly with movies (the iconic Jaws poster!). And the last one stumped me, too!