Metro Vancouver’s Evergreen Line construction is speeding ahead
May 3, 2012

Construction for Metro Vancouver’s Evergreen began in January and we’re super excited to hear that progress is speeding along.

Preliminary work by a construction crew is taking place by the Evergreen Cultural Centre. They’re conducting subsurface studies, trying to gain an understanding of the area’s terrain.

There were concerns over whether the much-anticipated (and delayed) project would be completed after Translink announced it wasn’t going ahead with a fare increase to close a $30 million gap in funding.

But the project is continuing, and it’s great news for home-seekers eager to snatch up properties by rapid transit — one of Metro Vancouver’s biggest draws in recent years. Buyers and investors want properties where everything is at their door, if the recent 415-unit condo that sold out in mere hours by the new Canada Line and Telus Garden pre-selling like hot cakes are any indication.

Check out some of our favourite projects that will be sitting pretty by the new Evergreen Line: