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June 18, 2011

When not engaging in Social Network-esque runs of coding, blogging and buzzing, we at BuzzBuzzHome enjoy catching some z’s just as much as the next guy.

While we don’t like to generalize, we’re pretty sure that these beds are WAY cooler than anything you — or we, for that matter — have ever slept on.

Join us for a countdown of the top 7 wackiest, wildest, weirdest beds below!

The Bird Bed! This is a sculpture by Francois Lalanne. Loving the detailed feet. Source: Apartment Therapy
The burger bed! Who wouldn’t want to nestle up with a nice piece of lettuce, a slice of processed cheese and a delicious beef patty. This bed is making us hungry! Source: Geekologie
For all you fairytale lovers out there. Fairytale lovers who are willing to spend $47,000 on a bed, that is… Source: Photofunblog
Magnetics? How do they work… We won’t go into a scientific explanation here, but there’s enough of them in this 1,984 pound mattress floating in the air. Source: Gizmodo
We like the idea, but falling asleep while floating in any large body of water sounds like a coast guard emergency waiting to happen. Source: Fancy Cribs
Okay, it’s not technically a bed. But if fear of roaming antelope herds is keeping you up at night, you’ll definitely be able to catch some shut eye sleeping on your trust tiger couch. Source: The Citrus Report
Finally, one for the nerds. Is that supposed to be Princess Leia lying there on top of the Millennium Falcon? Source: Zwelga
That wraps up our top 7 craziest beds list. Anyone else feeling kinda down about their ordinary four post, no nonsense bed now?

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