How soaring student debt is impacting the US housing market
The cost of higher education is getting in the way of many Americans’ real estate plans, and it is affecting US housing supply and more.
Josh Sherman June 20, 2016
Here’s where you’ll find the most ‘underwater homes’ in the US
The total number of underwater homes across the US continues to sink while the Rust Belt flounders, according to the latest Zillow Negative Equity Report.
Josh Sherman June 10, 2016
The top 10 NYC developments on BuzzBuzzHome in May 2016
The top NYC development on BuzzBuzzHome in May 2016 is not for sale (but you can rent it).
Josh Sherman June 6, 2016
These are the most Millennial-friendly US housing markets
Millennials hoping to buy a home should get to know Ogden, Utah.
Josh Sherman June 2, 2016
A photo tour of the graciously appointed model suite at 400 Park Avenue South in NoMad
The dynamic facade is characterized by expansive spans of glass creating asymmetrical forms and cantilevered corners reminiscent of crystal prisms.
Charlotte McLeod May 31, 2016
US new home sales hit 8-year high as supply falls to lowest level in over a year
There was a groundswell of new home sales in the US last month, suggests the latest report from the US Census Bureau.
Josh Sherman May 26, 2016
New York City’s population is higher than ever, but not in its gentrifying neighborhoods
Neighborhoods like Williamsburg, the Lower East Side and Upper Manhattan have still not regained the residents they lost during the housing crisis of the 1970s.
Charlotte McLeod May 16, 2016
Annual Chinese investment in US housing projected to hit $50 billion by 2025
If the projected growth pans out, it will continue a trend that has seen Chinese buyers overtake Canadians as the leading foreign buyers of US homes.
Josh Sherman May 16, 2016
Insignia Carlsbad releases final phase of new luxury residences
Eight individual residences priced from $1.3 million.
Uptick in US home sales enough for best first quarter since 2007
The first quarter of 2016 was the busiest for US home sales in nearly a decade.
Josh Sherman May 10, 2016
The top 10 NYC developments on BuzzBuzzHome in April 2016
The same Manhattan high-rise has now taken the top spot for three consecutive months.
Josh Sherman May 4, 2016
Foreign investment in Canadian, US real estate poised to rise in 2016: survey
Foreign investment in property is set to rise this year in Canada and the US, if recent forecasts from REIT executives in both countries pan out.
Josh Sherman May 3, 2016
Housing costs a big concern for nearly half of American renters
Keeping up with housing costs is a concern for 49 percent of American renters, but only 25 percent of homeowners.
Charlotte McLeod May 2, 2016
Touring the impressive sales gallery and model suite at 1110 Park Avenue in historic Carnegie Hill
Each residence comes exquisitely appointed with luxurious features and the finest finishes.
This 312-square-foot “shed” in Brooklyn is on the market for half a million dollars
The home has been panned online as a "glorified tool shed."
Charlotte McLeod April 28, 2016
Renters are raging on Twitter so we collected the 13 best #VentYourRent tweets
Bugs, rodents, bad plumbing — these renters have seen it all.
Charlotte McLeod April 27, 2016
‘Tough spring’ ahead for US first-time homebuyers
“Yet another reminder that it pays to be wealthy,” says Zillow's chief economist Svenja Gudell.
Josh Sherman April 26, 2016
The number one boom town in the US is an Arizona suburb, according to
The term “boom town” probably won’t call to mind a sprawling low-rise development in Gilbert, Arizona — but maybe it should.
Josh Sherman April 19, 2016
Sales gallery shows off the elegant details and sophisticated style at 55 West 17th Street in Chelsea
The spacious living areas are designed to maximize space and allow for an abundance of natural light.
Growing NYC unsold housing inventory projected to top 9,000 new units by end of 2017
At current sales rates, excess inventory will not be sold for at least five years.
Brent Lomas April 12, 2016
NYC plans to add 18 miles of protected bike lanes by end of 2016
In 2015, the City added 58 miles of bike lanes, of which 12 miles were protected.
Brent Lomas April 11, 2016
The top 10 NYC developments on BuzzBuzzHome in March 2016
A large 7,000-square-foot penthouse suite crowns this ivory tower, which has topped BuzzBuzzHome's top NYC developments list for two consecutive months now.
Josh Sherman April 7, 2016
NYC population growth is the highest it’s been since the 1920s
New data from the US Census Bureau say the city’s population has reached a high of 8,550,405.
Brent Lomas April 7, 2016
Nexus Developments introduces an exclusive collection of luxury suites at 1444 Third Avenue in UES
The open concept floorplans sport free-flowing layouts with spacious living areas and high end finishes.
Here’s why the Bronx hasn’t added a new subway stop in 75 years
Despite massive capital projects and growing populations, the MTA has only added 10 new stations and one replacement over the last 60 years.
Brent Lomas April 1, 2016
The 10 most expensive Seattle homes on the market right now
Luxury real estate is on the rise in Seattle as our city economy continues to boom.
Sydney Parker April 1, 2016
What the ZQA/MIH vote means for the future of affordable housing
Earlier this month, the New York City Housing Council overwhelmingly approved two key tenets of Mayor de Blasio's $41 billion affordable housing plan.
Brent Lomas March 30, 2016
These are the 10 most (and least) affordable US housing markets for average earners
Home prices that continue to appreciate faster than wages are eating away at housing affordability in more and more local US markets, a new RealtyTrac report suggests.
Josh Sherman March 29, 2016